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Khadeshia's Bio


  Hi Beautiful People! I am Khadeshia Beam.  My journey to the physical practice of yoga came as a result of my practice off the mat.  Life experiences drew me to the practice of yoga.  You could say my story, past and present are a big part of my desire to practice and teach yoga.  I think all of the people placed  in my life along with my experiences led me to Yoga.  My prayers to the Creator made yoga visible to me for healing, expression, and sharing.  Upon finding out all of the various aspects of yoga during teacher training, I came to realize that my journal, my children, my relationship with myself and people  both personal and professional are my  yoga practice just as much if not more than the physical poses. The intuitive sensation I have had since a small child to help heal the world planted a seed of service oriented work.  Through social work, customer service, healthcare, work with children and autistic men, I realize that my purpose on this planet is to do work that transforms lives, heals and teaches people to experience and embody pure love.  Yoga is that to me; it is a life saving practice that everyone no matter their age, race or size can benefit tremendously from.  I enjoy working with children, seniors, private and corporate clients because they all have a unique need for the practice that I myself am connected to whether that it to engage more playfully in life, become more expressive,  take a moment in stillness to release stress, explore and connect deeper with the body, mind and spirit  or relearn how to breathe.  

Types of Yoga Offered by Khadeshia 

Ashtanga Based Practice: Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Restorative, Meditation,Power 

200 RYT from  Infinity Yoga now Yoga Works here in Atlanta

Registered with the Yoga Alliance