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Khadeshia's Bio


Hi Beautiful People! I am Khadeshia Beam.  My journey to the physical practice of yoga came as a result of my practice off the mat.  Life experiences drew me to the practice of yoga.  You could say my story, past and present are a big part of my desire to practice and teach yoga.  I think all of the people placed in my life led me to Yoga through our experiences together.  My prayers to the Creator made yoga visible to me for healing, expression, and sharing.  Upon finding out all of the various aspects of yoga during teacher training, I came to realize that my journal, my children, my relationships both personal and professional have been the inspiration for me delving deeper within me.  The intuitive sensation I have had since a small child to help heal the world planted a seed of service oriented work.  Through social work, customer service, healthcare, work with children and autistic men, I realized that my purpose on this planet is to do work that transforms, heals and is infused with love.  Yoga is that to me; it is a life saving practice.  It has been with me from a small child until now in its many forms. I am thankful to have had a mother and nana who taught me as a small child the importance of   following my heart, eating to live and the importance of expression.  Bios are more like books for me because there are so many pivotal moments, people, places and things that really shape parts of my world.  Yoga has and continues to be the holistic wellness tool I use to connect deeply to myself and others.   One of the most valuable lessons holistic wellness/yoga has taught me is self-intimacy.  I love being alone with myself.  While, I have not perfected the perfect balance of selflessness and self-care, the practice keeps me mindful of my needs and the needs of those around me.  I am very much a student of life.  My children are just as much my yoga practice as my asana (physical poses) are.   


My teaching style can be described as heartful and student focused.  I like to encourage my students to try various expressions of poses, explore breathe,  thought patterns and physical body.  I love keeping the room engaged by relating asana (yoga poses) to everyday life.  I enjoy teaching slow flows and restorative classes that allow students to experience poses, refine poses and pay attention to their breathing.  I teach all levels and age groups.   

Types of Yoga Offered by Khadeshia 

Ashtanga Based Practice: Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Restorative, Meditation,Power 

200 RYT from  Infinity Yoga now Yoga Works here in Atlanta

Registered with the Yoga Alliance